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Rocket League is a sports game created and published by the independent studio Psyonix for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The name was dedicated to a futuristic sport in which players tried to hit the ball into the goal with cars. The rules of the game are very simple. During the game, we drive cars with rocket engines, and our task is to hit the big ball into the opponent's goal. After scoring a goal, she returns to the center. You can play in duel, local or online multiplayer (also with owners of a version for another platform). The cars don't have an energy meter or special attacks, but we can always try to crash into the opponent to prevent him from scoring. Vehicles can also jump and use nitro, which can be restored by visiting the marked location in the arena. Cars can be customized with many items, but they do not impact performance as they are limited to cosmetic features only. Rocket League has some fun modes that are completely normal for a sports game. Here we will find a single game, a multiplayer mode and a season in which we can determine the number of matches, playoffs, difficulty and team size. There is also a training mode in which we face several mini-games that will allow you to improve your skills in several areas (offensive, defensive and aerial). Matches usually last five minutes. Up to eight people can play in multiplayer - four per team.


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Rocket League is best described as a combination of rugby, hockey, football with…cars. And those who run, jump and even roll on the walls like crazy. We add that the cars are very mobile and not so easy to control, and the ball is large and quite heavy. Sound dirty? In fact, the first moments on the field suggest that this is where chaos plays the biggest role. You may get lost. Everyone jumps, collides, rushes, something explodes, something flashes, someone hits us, we hit someone. So what if there's only one ball, and it's big enough that it's not easy to hit? Appearances are deceptive. Rocket League is all about player skill. Skill is more important than chance. You must have a sense of smell to predict where the ball will land. Or where you need to position yourself to - like a fox from a penalty area - hit the ball in the direction of the goal. Or how to push an opponent so that he can't reach the ball. Rocket League doesn't look like such a game, but the "sports" rules play a very important role here. And play too. It's like a car away from the players, but during the game I saw a lot of things right from the real grass. There were kicks in the air, tackles, kicks from behind, and even moves that Maradona himself would not be ashamed of. In one game, my teammate caught the ball under his penalty area, two opponents bounced off him in turn, then he himself pushed the ball into the opponent's goal. Target! In a moment, we missed, because the guest from the opposing team literally jumped out from the flank and hit the ball from above into the net. Here football meets destruction. Unpredictability is the best thing about Rocket League. You never know what will happen. It seems to you that you take the ball and enter the box, when suddenly someone overtakes you, because he just picked up acceleration. Anyone can use it, it is enough to drive on special "mines" that give acceleration. In other cases, you and your team attack the opponent's penalty area, but do not hit the empty net (because it is not as easy as it seems), and it is parried. 3:1 can become 4:6. From 1:0 to 1:6. The action moves at breakneck speed from target to target. There is so much going on that in three minutes you will be scratching your head and wondering, “What did I just see? ". God forbid, if someone hires five minutes, they can drive you crazy.


Rocket League for android

That's why Rocket League is so addictive. If you play in the morning, you'll be late for work. Start in the evening - start at night. The playability of Rocket League is evidenced by the fact that you will often play with the same people over several games. Nobody wants to pass the game, everyone clicks "Rematch". It's been a long time since I've played a game that made me feel so emotional. I screamed and grabbed my head as if I was a spectator and not a participant. I really don't like this trivial statement, but yes - Rocket League reminded me of the times when I played games as a child. Such simple gameplay (in skill, but it takes many hours to become a master) can always please and captivate. Rocket League has a single player option, but after an online match you won't want to see it. This game is based on the multiplayer mode. Play against live opponents. So, Rocket League is impressive because every game is unique. In the game menu, we can also choose a garage or a train on the field, but believe me, you will rarely look there. In Rocket League, he doesn't want to leave the field. Everything no longer matters. The color of the car, wheels, gadgets - it doesn't matter. If only our car could roll, accelerate and hit the ball. Pure enjoyment of the game is the most important thing in Rocket League. But does Rocket League have any downsides? At first there were problems with the servers, but now the game is going by leaps and bounds - there are no lags. There are still cases where the game can freeze in the console if we leave it still in the main menu. It's clearly wrong that the developers let this happen, but you know what - I didn't log out of Rocket League for more than five seconds. waste of time. I wanted to hit the wall as quickly as possible. One could blame the camera work, which is sometimes so chaotic that it shows... well, the problem is that it's not very clear what it shows. Even though we made her focus on the ball. But it's hard for me to blame the authors because I don't know how to solve this problem. Simply - it's impossible. Rocket League is too fast and dynamic to keep up. He's just too busy. Thus, the operation of the camera is a disadvantage that follows from the dignity of the game. Paradox. But how nice, right?

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  • Copy Rocket League.apk file to your phone/tablet.
  • Open the file, You will get a pop up box saying "For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources"
  • Click on settings.
  • Allow installation for Rocket League.
  • It will take few minutes to install.
  • You will see Rocket League icon on your phone.
  • Open the game, It will download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

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